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On April 23, the Cologne formation around keyboarder Hydra Gorgonia released their new music video for the song “Zerberons Erwachen”. 

Sascha Krüger of Imotion Factory was responsible for the shoot.

It was filmed in a real stalactite cave and in the middle of the forest in a clearing that unfolded its special appeal through trees that had fallen from the storm.

While many bands in the Black Metal genre are constantly experimenting with new stylistic devices, ATRIUM NOCTIS continues to rely entirely on a traditional, mystic-occult performance.

Thus, on the one hand, to the proven origins of this guild is paid homage, but the formation performs also with a good deal of autonomy.

Under the earth: the whole thing has been recorded under arduous circumstances at the beginning of January 2018 in the stalactite cave Wiehl, under a forest in the mystical Siebengebirge. 
The cave, located 50 km east of Cologne, is about 20 meters underground, there prevail about 8 degrees Celsius.

Concerning the content of their new music video, ATRIUM NOCTIS hope that the inclined spectators will be able to surprise as mystically as possible – at the visualized threshold between this world and the hereafter whose boundaries are thematically blurred in “Zerberons Erwachen“.


“Zerberons Erwachen”
[April 23, 2018] by ATRIUM NOCTIS
Genere: Black Metal, Pagan Metal

Base: Cologne, DE

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