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“Почти Святая” video 
out on August 9th 2020 

Russian gothic metal band Vesssna has released a music  video for “Почти Святая”, the title track from their debut album. Watch the clip below.

The full-length album “Почти Святая” was self-released in November 2018 and it’s available at bandcamp.com in digital format and also as an exclusive usb flash drive.

The video is directed by Anastasia Krutova, who has already produced several video clips for Vesssna and some other Russian metal bands. She is fond of dark aesthetic and ambient music, so her videos are full of gloomy and surrealistic atmosphere. 

Led by the charismatic vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Marianna Lukianova, Vesssna  creates really fascinating content which may be interesting for all fans of gothic / female fronted metal all over the world.

“Почти Святая – Just About Saintlike”
[November 19, 2018]
Gothic Metal
Moscow, Russia



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