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Under The Black Moon 2017 
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Under The Black Moon e BACKSTAGE München – Werk, Halle, Club, Werkstatt/Studio, Nachtbiergarten 

on stage:
Electric Wizard | Mantar | Samsara Blues Experiment | 1000Mods | Mothers Cake | cult of the BLACK MOON RISIN’ | High Fighter | Pristine | Dune Pilot | Van Drunen | Angel Witch| Elephants From Neptune | Godsground | Swan Valley Heights | Braindead Wavelength | Taming The Shrew 


gain I’m present for the second consecutive year! What can I say of this festival…there should be in Italy something like that! The Backstage has three rooms, good equipped and with excellent acoustics, Club, Halle and the biggest Werk, the atmosphere is fantastic, joyful, cheerful, crazy and people are always ready to socialize and chat with anyone !!  16 bands in one day, above all at a very affordable price. It starts at 4:30 pm until the Freak Out Party. Many bands are local, but the beauty of these festivals is to have the opportunity to listen something new and to appreciate the charge and enthusiasm. And then,really nice and charismatic the Swan Valley Heights, Godsground, Brainded Wavelength, Elephants From Neptune and Dune Pilot, which unfortunately I was not able to photograph because of the impossibility to enter the room, too many people !!! The Van Drunen was a great discovery for me, explosives and massive. Fantastic also Taming The Shrew with their sound Psychedelic Blues Rock, the High Fighter with a large charging heavy stoner, for the second year the Cult Of The Black Moon Risin ‘ than with those candles can create a special atmosphere (and whose still waiting an album!), the exuberant Mothers Cake with that amazing voice, Mantar, anger and pure evil, only guitar and drums but really split! Coming up to Pristine, well.. she’s a fantastic red from spectacular voice! And then the 1000Mods, seen a billion times at various festivals, but I never tire of looking/listen  to them! Then it arrives to the historic Angel Witch who with their Heavy Metal take all nailed to the room from start to finish. 
It ends with the headliners, so would not need words, Electric Wizard, first time ever for me, something massive and catastrophic, in a good way of course, ok they didn’ t play some songs that were expected, but who cares !! Transported entirely into another dimension, absolutely uncomfortable, very full room and moving heads, they could also play forever in my opinion !!
I come home again satisfied also this year, full of energy and great music, too bad only for the merch,it was a little poorer previous edition ….. We will wait surprises for next year !!.

 Event – Under The Black Moon 2017

Report and Photo by
@ IreneOrtega Photographer

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