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“90 Degrees”
out on June 18th 2020 

Weg-band was founded in late 2019 by two long-time friends and musicians Mikko Järvenpää and Antti-Jussi Valkama. The duo is located in the Helsinki capital area of Finland and has just released their first Weg single called 90 Degrees.  

Weg’s songs can be described as pop-influenced easy oriented rock music with clean vocals and pure instruments, wanting to groove with a positive twist. Time will tell what kind of form the band will reach and what kind of tracks these eager guys will create, play and publish. Nowadays we train with a third member.

Weg’s very first single containing three songs is distributed digital streaming services by Inverse Records.

“90 Degrees”
[June 18, 2020]
Alternative rock
Base:  Finland
Label / Booking / Press:
Inverse Records

… “90 Degrees”


mjarven@gmail.com // ajvalkama@hotmail.com

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