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“A New Wave”
out on October 11th 2021 

“A New Wave” is the result of about a year and a half of musical composition by QUIETFLOW. We wanted to enclose in this album the best part of the material that we have collected in this period.

The songs of the album were recorded in our home studio starting from the bass lines, then moving on to the writing of the percussion parts, electronics and finally vocals.

Our way of composing is free and without limits of any kind: we simply let ourselves be carried away by the mood of the moment, translating our moods into music. The process takes place in a natural way and without forcing, an indispensable prerogative for us.

“A New Wave”
[October 11, 2021]
Electronic, Alternative
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
DELTA Records & Promotion

1) Superhero
2) Roots
3) Song of the Owl
4) Smooth silence
5) Quiet emotion
6) Rocket
7) Faceless man

Song of the Owl (remix by Red Macula)

Recorded at Quarata Studios – Beura Cardezza (VB)
Mixed & Mastered by Sebastiano Paparella at KO Punch Studios – Rovigo
Graphics by Alessandro Feltre
Music & Lyrics by QUIETFLOW

… “Rocket”



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