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From the Death
“Again, My Mind”
out on November 27th 2020 

With roots in bands like Sympatheia and Ufesas, From the Death is the beginning of a new sound from Canelones, Uruguay. This new music continue the heavy sounds and continue the legacy of psych/stoner in this place. From the Death is the music of Mateo Gallo, with the collaboration of Diego Rodriguez, Martin Stabile, Diego Mercadal y Dario Macarin.

“Again, My Mind”
From the Death
[November 27th 2020]
psychedelic/stoner/blues rock
Canelones, Uruguay

Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums by Mateo Gallo 
Guitar on “Under the Shine” by Diego Rodriguez 
Vocals on ” Under the Shine” by Martin Stabile 
Percussion on “Shut Up Us” by Diego Mercadal 
Bass on “Los Que No Creen” by Dario Macarin

Recorded / Produced / Mastered by Mateo Gallo 

Artwork by Chiara Rissotto and Mateo 

… “Los Que No Creen”


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