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Not Another Prayer
release “Against The Wall”
out on October 21st 2022 

“We are proud to announce our new song “Against the Wall”, out  Friday, 16th of September,
on Spotify and all digital stores. It will also be the first release under the record label Vasto_ ,
so thanks a lot guys for including us as a part of the family!”

"Against The Wall" 

Not Another Prayer
[October 21, 2022]
nu-metal, progressive metal
Base:  Palermo, Italy

” “Vicious Circle” EP is on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital stores…
so we hope you enjoy it! “

1. Against The Wall
2. Vicious Circle
3. My Fake Way
4. Cast You Aside
5. Ascended Sunset

Label / Booking / Press:

Vasto Records


Mix/Master : Phil Caviglia at Vasto Records
Artwork: Julia Zucoloto



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