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HALCYON REIGN Sydney Prog-Rockers Release Virtuosic New Single ‘Ahab’

Sydney prog-rockers Halcyon Reign release their virtuosic new single ‘Ahab’. ‘Ahab’ is a sonic odyssey packed with rhythmic and melodic interest featuring crashing guitar riffs to mimic a stormy sea and soaring vocals to guide listeners through their voyage. 

Lyrically this song tells the story of Ahab’s journey towards the great beast during which he has a brief moment of calm reflection but ultimately finds himself amidst chaos and filth as the final showdown transpires. Inspired by the classic Melville fable, ‘Ahab’ sees the group harness the storytelling power of music that stands tall on the shoulders of Halcyon Reign’s meticulous songwriting. Powerful, immersive and dynamic, this track is a very impressive addition to the group’s catalogue

Guitarist and Vocalist Lachlan Arvidson on the new single: “Musically, ‘Ahab’ is a great summary of our songs up until this point in time; it’s got a riff city intro, false endings that only the super fans enjoy, and theatrical ocean moments. There’s been a few iterations of this track since we started playing it, all our parts have been written and rewritten a number of times until we landed on something that felt right. We had almost finished recording it just as Sydney went into a hard lockdown for a few months last year. While this would seem like a setback, in hindsight, it afforded us a lot of time to really refine the ambience and subtleties in ‘Ahab’. With a focus on theatrical music, it was an absolute joy to turn this song into a visual performance piece too. While it was slightly out of the budget for us to hire a functional sailing Vessel, we adjusted beautifully and captured the metaphorical internal struggle of obsession, possession and the inevitability of death PERFECTLY.”

“Ahab is one creative yet technically perfect song” – Demon Reports

With an album under their collective belt, Halcyon Reign have been garnering coverage and airplay with features on The Headbanging Moose, The Elite Extremophile and more. Fresh out of the studio with a plethora of innovative new material, Halcyon Reign are sure to impress fans and critics alike and we are excited to see where ‘Ahab’ takes them.

“Halcyon Reign”
[September 2, 2022]
folk metal, prog, progressive metal
Base:  Sydney, Australia


Produced by Halcyon Reign and Stewart Geddes
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Stewart Geddes, Studio 301 Sydney
Additional recordings recorded by Simon Bowles, Merryislands Studios
Further recordings by Blake Dantier

Written and Produced by Lachlan Arvidson and Halcyon Reign
Directed by Adam Jordan
Cinematography and Editing by Main Street Studios
Acting by Cassie Colless, Joshua Tozer, and Halcyon Reign
Make-up and SPFX Make-up by Marisa Secerov

Label / Booking / Press:

Overdrive Artist Services



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