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 A m o r F a t i  by  s a r a s a r a

Debut album by S A R A S A R A produced by Matthew Herbert on One Little Indian/Audioglobe on 14 October 2016.
Electronic music. Avant-garde dance. Pop modernized.




As far as I can remember, in the 90’S. I have always been into electronic music. The guys from my neighbourhood were going out every weekend to clubs in Belgium, because all the fun for young people was there at that time, the big house and trance music scenes.

It was every single week a new adventure, they were leaving for 3 entire days and they were coming back with new cassettes and CDs from the different big clubs.

Me and my friends were too young to go so they would tell us all about the weekend. And I remember that it was sooo fascinating and soooo intriguing. We loved the music so much, we would listened to it for hours, learning it by heart.

We were all waiting for that day when they we would be able to go, like a big initiation. So my day came, i entered a club for the first time at the age 16. As exepected I fell in love right away with the music, the people like a community, the freedom, the crazyness, obviously also the drugs, the whole night life style ..

I met fascinating  people with such an incredible culture in all kinds of music as they were playing in clubs since the 80’s for most of them. They who became friends and even family. I started to dj for friends and in little bars and clubs in my area but nothing big really. I did that for a while in college. I was really enjoying to go to the record stores, find new stuff and play them for my friends. I was stil enjoying to go to clubs, festivals etc the weekends.

I listened to a lot of electronic artists Ricardo Vilallobos, Matthew Herbert, Aphex Twin. Obviously the step after that was to try to create my own music.

I sold all my record collection and desks to buy new gears and start to record my own songs. I also cut my teeth on programming techno music for my friends. The more I was doing it, the more it became clear that it was what I really wanted to do. With time my style changed and I started to mix this my other influences in the music : other genres, philosophy, readings, movies etc..

I have always been a fan of Björk, I just love her daring vision inconditionably. I love the bubbles worlds that she creates with every album, they are all so poetic. I know everyhting that she does by heart. I also love Vanessa Paradis because all she does is really romantic and beautiful. I think Bliss and Love Songs are wonderful albums. I also listen to a lot of classical music, I love Joseph Haydn and Richard Wagner. I like the tragedy and the immensity feelings that it gives you.

I’m also love Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, The Thievery Coporation, Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Quentin Tarentino, Dany Boyle, David Lynch, Frederich Nietszche, Max Stirner  …  I’m definitely inspired by all of them.

 “A m o r F a t i”


The French S A R A S A R A debuts on One Little Indian. With this album manages to bring together inside his futuristic electronic sound vision/sound unique and original, thanks also to the use of voice absolutely visionary.


… “Euphoria

Euphoria is the first single from A m o r F a t i.

It was premiere on the web site The Independent



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