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Euro-electro music.
If you listen to synthpop, EBM, italo-disco, eurodance, futurepop, 80s and 90s dance or if you want to hear some new electronic music from Europe you’re in the right place! Enjoy your life, be part of the music!


by Elekktross

[November 18, 2017]

Synth, Electronic, New Wave

Modena, Italy



ELEKKTROSS is a “One-man project band” born in 2017, from the experience of a previous project called AEMIL (still active), focused on synthpop / 80s with solo and “singer-songwriter” cut and which was brought live in the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Mantua (also on historical rock stages such as Vox and Corallo as guest of the “Modena Loves Ramones” project).

Composition, Lyrics, Synth, Voice: Aemil
Mixing: Fabio Del Carro, Aemil

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