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Nashville-based outfit Palm Ghosts present their new album ‘Architecture’, which is being released by Ice Queen Records. The band offers a balanced blend of cinematic dream pop with dark indie, celebrating sounds from the most colorful of musical decades, the 1980s.

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Palm Ghosts is a five-piece led by songwriter / producer Joseph Lekkas (bass and vocals), Erica Whitney Wilkes (vocals and keyboards), Ben Douglas (guitars and keyboards), Jason Springman (guitars), and Rene Lambert (drums). Collectively, they are influenced by groups such as Cocteau Twins, Peter Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, New Order and The Cure.
Lekkas founded Palm Ghosts in Philadelphia in early 2013 as a creative outlet for dealing with a severe bout of depression and anxiety that left him incapacitated. Discovering that music was his only path through the mire, he spent a particularly long Philadelphia winter recording a batch of introspective songs that was to become the debut eponymous ‘Palm Ghosts’ album, a tapestry of lo-fi indie folk and dreamy pop he christened as “sun-damaged American music”.
After moving to Nashville in 2015 to take part in the southern city’s musical renaissance, Joseph Lekkas set up a small home studio, finally releasing Palm Records’ second album ‘Greenland’ in February of 2017.
In May of 2017, Joseph began work on his next project, sketching song ideas to create the lush, cinematic arrangements he was hearing in his head. ‘Architecture’ is the fruit of his labors. This album is a sea-change for the band from the more electro-laced dream pop- indie folk of former releases to a more synth heavy and decidedly darker post punk sound. A brand new group of talented musicians helped to form the tapestry of layered guitars, synthesizers and rhythmic pulse found on this record.
“With Palm Ghosts’ sound, I try to combine the things I love the most about early 80s music. The eccentricity of bands like XTC, The lush waves of sonic bliss from the early 4AD bands and The Cure, The dark dance music of Factory Records and the worldliness and adventurous palate of an artist like Peter Gabriel,” says Joseph Lekkas.
“‘Architecture’ is my first release as an artist that feels like a complete work with intention. It is musically inspired by music of the early 80s, contains a fair bit of nostalgia, but also feels new to me. Perhaps it is the male / female co-lead vocals, two completely different voices that blend in a unique way. The lyrics mostly deal with things I sadly know a thing or two about…depression and anxiety (cortisol, the hound) the dissolution of love (who knew me better than you?, love in winter, swan dives, a lover’s quarrel), but there are also some political nods to modern america and war (rhythm to rage, the crown and the confidant, red horizon).”
Palm Ghosts will be marking their album release with a special show on Saturday, June 9 at The Cobra Nashville,  joined by Mariela, Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads and The Weird Sisters. On July 20, they join Marley Carroll and Tin Foil Hat at Nashville’s The High Watt. Autumn tour dates have yet to be announced.


Palm Ghosts


[June 08, 2018]

Genre: dream pop, indie rock, new wave, shoegaze

Nashville, Tennessee

Label / Booking:
Ice Queen Records / Shameless Promotion PR




Joseph Lekkas / Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Erica Whitney Wilkes / Vocals, Keyboards
Benjamin Jason Douglas / Guitars, Keyboards
Jason Springman / Guitar, Drums, Keyboards
Rene Lambert / Drums
Erin Nelson / Drums on Cortisol & Who Knew Me Better Than You?
Produced, Recorded and Mastered by: Joseph Lekkas @ Greenland Studios, Nashville TN except Who Knew Me Better Than You? Mastered by Paul Mahern, Mahern Audio, Bloomington IN.
Words and Music by Joseph Lekkas except “Love In Winter”, “The Crown and The Confidant” and “A Lover’s Quarrel”, with words and music by Joseph Lekkas and Benjamin Jason Douglas,
and for “Swan Dives”, with words and music by Joseph Lekkas, Benjamin Jason Douglas and Jason Springman.
Art and Design by: Matt Hanemann




Palm Ghosts
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