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Swiss rockers Charles In The Kitchen are celebrating the love of the lips in their new video.


A few weeks after releasing a brand new double sided split-single 7′ with their co-conspirators of Them Stones curated by the Amazing Division Records (dIVA, Jonbar Hinge, Kehlvin, Unfold…), Swiss gentlemen of Charles In The Kitchen just unveiled an official music video for the single “Arrogant Teenage Rag” available right now on YouTube.

With “Arrogant Teenage Rag”, Charles in the Kitchen continues its unique quest of the perfect rock’n roll anthem! And you’ll sure dance to this little jewel of intoxicating hi-energy rock!

"Arrogant Teenage Rag" 

[October 15, 2018]

from “STONES IN THE KITCHEN” A double-sided split single by Charles in the Kitchen and Them Stones [June 01, 2018]

rock, power rock, rock’n’roll, stoner

Base: Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Label / Booking / Press:

Domino Media Agency





Two different tastes. But they do have something in common; they know how to sound powerful, rich & catchy! On both their respective last records, these bands have shown how things are made in the land of cheese and watches!
If the dudes from Charles in the Kitchen are more into modern dancy rock with punk-garage hints here and there, the Them Stones crew clearly lies more in a grunge & heavy rock circle. Those bands are promising, those bands are fresh and those bands may be the future of ROCK.
Charles in the Kitchen



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