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The Spiritual Bat
“At The Edge of Life” EP ft
Shir​-​Ran Yinon, Doc Hammer, Peter Bugg Rizzo,
Claus Larsen

out on August 28th 2021 



One of few European bands in the scene that has carried out several coast-to-coast tours in the USA.
The Spiritual Bat is based in Italy but has performed at several festivals in Europe, such as WGT, Whitby Goth Weekend, Return To The Batcave, Gotham Sounds, Castle Party. The project evolves from “The Spiritual BatS” (plural), conceived in 1992 and features artwork by the Alchemisti Painters.





"At The Edge of Life"  

The Spiritual Bat
[August 28, 2021]
darkwave, deathrock, gothic rock, post punk


Music by The Spiritual Bat
Dario Passamonti: Guitar, Bass (except Guilty)
Rosetta Garrì: Vocals, Lyrics, Drums on Mission

Shir-Ran Yinon: Violin on Mission
Doc Hammer: Drums on Sanctu
Peter Bugg Rizzo: Keyboard, Drums and Mixing on Lockdown
Claus Larsen: Remix on Guilty
Greg Scott Cruz: Keyboards on Mission
Stephen Carey: Mixing on Mission
Gordon Young: Mastering for all tracks

Artwork: Greg Scott Cruz
Graphic Design: Valerio Lo Vecchio
Label: Swiss Dark Nights

… “Mission”, featuring Shir-Ran Yinon



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