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by Vlad In Tears

Vlad In Tears have released their second single from their upcoming record DEAD STORIES OF FORSAKEN LOVERS. DEAD is coming up with a topic we are all used to: W... Read More...

You May Feel Some Pressure
by Spit Mask

Spit Maskrelease"You May Feel Some Pressure"out on September 6th 2019  "You May Feel Some Pressure"  Spit Mask Genre: electronic, industrial, bdsm, ebm Base:  Berlin, Germany Label / Booking / Press: aufnahme + wiedergabe CREDITS mixed and mas... Read More...


KNICKERSrelease"Bored"out on September 8th 2019  "Bored"  KNICKERS Genre: Pop-Punk, Lo-fi Base:  Genève, Canton de Genève Label / Booking / Press: Of Bit... Read More...

by Vivian Girls

Vivian Girlsrelease"Memory"out on September 20th 2019  ... "Something To Do" Cassie RamoneKaty GoodmanAli Koehler "Memory"  Vivian Girls Genre: garage, ... Read More...

by Donzii

Donziirelease"Gladugly"out on September 18th 2019  Jenna Balfe - vocalsDennis Fuller - bass & drum machineDanny Heinze - guitarMiles Hancock - keysMonroe... Read More...

Exposure Therapy

WINGTIPSrelease"Exposure Therapy"out on August 23rd 2019  "Exposure Therapy"  WINGTIPS Genre: electronic, gothpop, post-punk, synthpop, dream pop Base:  Chicago, Illinois Label / Booking / Press: Artoffact Records buy / STREAMING ----------... Read More...
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