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Yellow Led
by Emilya ndME

The release date of Emilya ndMe's second single, Yellow Led, is scheduledfor September 15: electronic and rock sounds, panoramic pads andsynthesizers, distorte... Read More...

Whisper In The Dark
by Sprague Dawley

'Whisper In The Dark' is a narration about how cruel people can be in the grip of power. How some are willing to sacrifice anything for their own benefit. Religion, war, media, anxiety of the young people are just tools for them. We are just tools f... Read More...

Pride & Disaster

Sleep On It have announced their new full-length album, "Pride & Disaster", out September 13th via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records. Fans can watch the music video for the first single, “Under The Moment”. "Pride &... Read More...
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