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Massive Issue is a rock power trio based in Turenki, Finland. The band consists of singer/guitar player Antti Mäkinen, drummer Olli Lintumäki and bass player Tino Selin.

Formed in 2015, these self-taught musicians have spent every effort since to grow in their desired skills and make their music available for all audiences.

For the past couple of months the band has been working on their debut album which shall be called “Awry”. 

Awry is a unique documentation of the diverse songwriting capabilities of these young talents. It presents astounding versatility, yet remains uniform. The choruses sound huge, backed by a solid wall of distortion. The vocals are melodic and lyrically ponderable. All of this backed by a tight and dynamic combination of drums and bass guitar. The versatility of this album reminds us to discard all expectations of the next one.  The band recalls their days at the studio as fun and educational, although at times it was hard to keep things together. 

The album is a combination of efforts by producer Karri Salo and Massive Issue. Mixing and mastering of the album was done by Hiili Hiilesmaa. Recording and editing was done at Äänimaailma 71 by Mika Peltonen. The etire album was recorded and edited in ten days, divided into to two separate sessions.

Prior to Awry the band had released one EP titled “Dissatisfactory Tale”. This was an independent release and hardy made it to the public’s ear. 


Massive Issu
[June 15; 2018]

alternative rock, indie rock

Turenki, Finland

Label / Booking / Press:
Concorde Music Company






“Martyr in the Mist”

 Massive Issu


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