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out on January 28th 2022

Italian metalcore act Next Time Mr. Fox is glad to announce the release of their new EP “Babylon”, available now in all digital store. The EP was recorded by Filippo Rambelli at 11|27Studio and produced by Federico Ascari. In the meantime the band has released the second single/video, taken from the titletrack. About the new single the band says: 
“Babylon is the titletrack and the last single of our new release. Our last EP cannot be defined as a “concept album” like our previous work “Sunken City” could have been, nevertheless it has greatly been affected by what happened in the last two years and the track “Babylon” depicts it perfectly. This track is about the majority of historical events from 1992 until today; that is to say the events that we had the luck, or the unluck, to witness during our lives. Many events are told in the lyrics as well as shown in our video: from the formal beginning of UE in 1992 to Yugoslav wars, from 9/11 to war on terror, and many more. Arriving, in the end, to what happened in the last two years, that is to say one more negative demonstration of human nature that our generation, which has seen everything and the contrary of everything in the past twenty years, had the chance to witness. As far as the songwriting goes, we’ve reached the point where we do whatever we want to do without thinking too much about and Babylon is the clear proof of it. The atmosphere is definitely more “epic” than the previous singles but there is still a good amount of hardcore, metallic riffs and breakdowns which characterize this band, in conjunction with a mix of harsh and pushed clean vocals. We have put all of this inside Babylon, both on the lyrical and instrumental sides. And we can’t wait to share it with you all”

[January 28, 2022]
death metal, deathcore, metal, metalcore, hardcore, hc
Cesena, Italy

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… “Babylon”




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