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Benefit Brigate Volontarie
by Occult Punk Gang
out on March 31st 2020 

Right now, in Italy in 2020, a good citizen is a dead citizen – whether it’s a cold dead body in the back of an army truck, or somebody who’s paralyzed by fear and ready to give away their freedom. Some of us have chosen solidarity, care and community to fight against the people who would want to see our streets filled with no one but the cops and the dead.

‘Vivi nel 2020’ (‘[Stay] Alive in 2020’) is a compilation with 17 tracks (some never released before) from acts affiliated with Occult Punk Gang. A limited edition tape can be pre-ordered and will be available when it’ll be safe to manufacture and ship cassettes.

All profits from the sale of the tapes as well as all digital sales will go to Brigate Volontarie to fund their life-saving activities during the COVID-19 crisis.
Donations will be closed on April 4th at 12 Midnight CET.


[Art by Francesco Goats]


Kalashnikov Collective – Il Cielo Sopra Neo-Tokyo / Shoki – Black Again  / Golpe Non Piegarti / Corpse – Vuoto / Skalp – Nato Nel DoloreYklov Ef-fect-orWisecrack – KingdomFeinted – Aesthetic Death / Le FoibeSystème Criminel  /  Cerimonia Secreta – Zayb / GRID – Ils Vont Marcher  / Anno Omega – Fantasie di Sopravvivenza Nucleare / Lucta – Reliquie Del Futuro Scemo – Delegare / Peep – Climate of Deceits / The Seeker Know-It-All Fuck / Kobra – C.P.D.M.


Benefit Brigate Volontarie
[March 31, 220]
punk / anarchopunk / fastcore / hardcore
Milan, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:
Occult Punk Gang 


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