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The Leopard Releases Clip of “BH City Chaos”

O Leopardo releases video for “BH City Chaos” which is the most conceptual track from the new album by ska punk  band O Leopardo (Brazil). It is also the song that closes with a golden key the release of “Mundo Selvagem EP” of 2021. 
With a dancing and at the same time somber feel, the song describes the city of BH (Brazil) now as a cold and inhospitable place. What we have here is a dystopian theme of current times, the Covid-19 pandemic, the social crisis,  recession, hunger and Brazilian democracy under threat. 
Its energetic vibe is the same as unsurpassed British punk and ska hits like Madness’s “One Step Beyond”, Specials’  “Gangsters” and The Clash’s “London Calling”. The sax lines are signed by Henrique Staino from Iconili and the  keyboards by Marcus Marinido Desorquestra.  
According to the band: “A pulsating yet somber song, captivating yet catastrophic. A punk ska with well-traveled lyrics  playing between life and death, nostalgia for the past and fear of the present.” 
The clip was directed by Lucas Hell and Pedro Vasseur and portrays well the streets of Belo Horizonte.

Direction: Lucas Hell e Pedro Vasseur. Photography Direction: Lucas Hell. Editing and Motion Graphics: Pedro Vasseur.  Assistants: Daniel Tulher e Rodrigo Facada. Special participation:
Olivêra. Additional Images: Bloco Funk You e Mídia Ninja. Thanks: Vinikov (Minotauro Estúdio), Mauro Novaes, Lucas  Chavo, Lucas Moraes (Bloco Funk You), Juarez Rodrigues e Monique Salerno.

“Mundo Selvagem”
[November 5, 2021]
punk, ska, ska punk, skacore
Base:  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Label / Booking / Press: 
SE Assessoria e Produção

About The Leopard

Formed on the streets of Belo Horizonte, O Leopardo was born in the 2015 carnival and became the duo formed by  Bruno Moreno & Daniel Mello. And in 2022 the band became a quartet. 
The group’s name refers to the wild and the instinctual. Their sound is a warm mix of punk rock, latinities and ska. 
Until then, the band released an EP and 2 singles since 2015, through ska punk, reggae and punk rock. 
Now in 2021, in full pandemic, the band is releasing the new album “Mundo Selvagem EP”, with seven tracks, starting  with the single “Coronaradio” – a striking testimony about the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. The release was done one  track at a time. 
Anyway, O Leopardo is the hot music of the moment, made in the tropics, with popular and dance appeal. She makes  you sing about the dilemmas and joys of youth, the city and the world. Enthralling as a beast’s attack – it sets you  dancing in the stone jungle.



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