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We Melt Chocolate
“Blue Hair Girl” video 
out on May 19th 2020 

A blend of shoegaze full of sonic vibrations,  intense andlanguid like melted chocolate.  Born in Florence,  IT in 2014from a group of friends active for years in the local musicscene (Interzone,  Evanicetrip,  Scum,  Smell of trees,  Shades ofblue),  We Melt Chocolate deliver lilting,  noisy shoegaze music,  aware of the My Bloody Valentine heritage but alsowith a nod to bands like Lush and Sugarcubes. After one self-released demo and EP,  this is their debut album (S/t),  anticipated by the catchy single Everjoy.  

We Melt Chocolate
[June 28, 2019]
dreampop, indie, shoegaze
Base:  Florence, Italy
Label / Booking / Press: 
Annibale Records / Kool Things

The record is due out on June 28th on Annibale Records,  the label founded by Luca and Mattia of the acclaimed psychedelic band Go!Zilla! The album was recorded with Gabriele Doria and mixed by Matteo Magrini in Florence,  mastered by Karl Skivington (member of Spotlight Kid,  his mastering credits include bands like Secret Shine, Seasurfer,  Is Bliss,  Deep Cut, Pinkshinyultrablast and many others).
WMC have opened for various internationally renowned bands such as The Shivas, Holy Wave,  The Asteroid No. 4, The Underground Youth,  His Clancyness and Your 33 BlackAngels. The inspiration comes from varied and heterogeneous backgrounds,  but surely the shoegaze,  dream pop,  wave and post-punk area is the one that brings together all the band members.



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