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Pavor Nocturnus
out on April 9th 2021 

The idea of a concept album about Bosch’s paintings came out after several inspections to the Prado museum in Madrid; walking among the multitude of masterpieces, the focus was relentlessly caught by the “triptych of delights” and the other works of the author.
After researches and documentation the selection of the paintings was spontaneous and instinctive, giving birth to a musical transposition based on personal perception and accuracy to the pieces.
In the album as in the paintings are described different dimensions, mostly connected with the holy element, except for the first track, conceived as an introduction to the opus, where the sitting character seems to be protagonist and viewer. 

Bosch is an audio/video project by Pavor Nocturnus (Eugenio Mazza) & H3ml0ck (Matteo Spadaro), inspired by the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.
Eight pieces have been selected to create eight tracks with a mix of electronics and field recordings, depicting the landscapes, the characters and the scary, oneiric dimension of the pictures.
H3ml0ck took care of the video part creating visual paths that follow the music, guiding and immersing the listener in the details of each painting.

Pavor Nocturnus
[April 9, 2021]
experimental, dark ambient, drone, noise
Base:  Milano, Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Toten Schwan Records / Dio Drone


The album will be released on Toten Schwan Records
& Dio Drone, and it will be available in digital download
and digi-sleeve edition – CD + DVD 

Matteo Spadaro (H3ml0ck) 

Eugenio Mazza (Pavor Nocturnus)

… “Ascesa all’Empireo”



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