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Dead Rituals
“Broken Memories” 
from “Dead Rituals II”

out on October 23rd 2020 

Simply titled “II”, the second Dead Rituals EP takes on a different approach
when compared to the band’s 2019 debut.
Singer and songwriter Andrea Caccese recorded the first work on laptops
and in random rooms, while traveling throughout the world. These new
songs came out of a studio environment, filled with analog instruments and
effects, making for a more intuitive, collaborative, and immediate approach. 

The group’s post-punk matrix expands with new ideas and forays into
electronic sounds and acoustic instruments throughout 3 songs.
“Broken Memories” features anthemic drums and atmospheric guitars, with a progressive arrangement that goes from angst, to nostalgia, finishing in an instrumental dream-like haze.
“Slow Down” unfolds through odd time signatures and experimental sounds, while retaining a catchy feel.
“When The Lights Are Out” is an acoustic song at its core, adorned with a gritty beat, and effect-laden guitars.

“Dead Rituals II”
Dead Rituals
[October 23, 2020]
dream-pop, indie, new wave, nugaze, post-punk
Napoli, Italy



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