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“Cargo Cult”
out on May 14th 2021 

The moniker of the quartet from Bari is a tribute to the symphony by Oliver Messiaen. Turangalîla is the union of two sanskrit words and his meanings can be: love song, hymn to joy, time, movement, rhythm, life and death.
The sound of the band, which draws from ideas of both contemporary music (Stravinskij, Messiaen, Lachenmann…), and certain fields of the popular music (Swans, The Flaming Lips, GY! BE, Battles, The Jesus Lizard…), is characterized by an unbridled and obsessive rhythmic plot on which are grafted the sounds of guitars and vocal lines, sometimes distorted and stabbing, sometimes ethereal and dreamy.
Formed in November 2018, the quartet presents his first songs during 2019 with a constant live activity and engages in the integral soundtrack of the milestone of silent cinema “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari”, sharing the stage with important alternative realities such as Caterina Palazzi, Sangue, Sedna and Strebla.
On December the 2nd they release with Private Room Records the first EP “Della gioia sovrumana, impetuosa, abbagliante e sfrenata”, an instrumental suite divided into two tracks accompanied by a video montage of Robert Wiene’s film.
During the forced hiatus due to the limitations related to the pandemic, the band focuses on the making of their first full length, a seven-track album that summarizes the first two years of the project’s life.

“Cargo Cult”
[May 14, 2021]
avantgarde, experimental rock, noise, post-rock
Base:  Bari, Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Private Room Records / Doppio Clic Promotions


Turangalila: Pino Di Lenne, Antonio Maffei, Giovanni Solazzo, Costantino Temerario Recorded by Marco Fischetti at Death Star Studio (Cassano Delle Murge, Bari)

… “Liquidi e Spigoli”


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