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“Cerbiatto EP”
out on October 25th 2021

Tonto is the heir of the most perverted wet dreams of Lightning Bolt, Shellac, Zu and Death Grips. 
Sprouted in the damp dimple of the central Italy noise rock scene of the early 2000, raised and tamed in the worst pubs of Bologna, dribbled in the dense broth of the European Impro-Noise scene, polluted by the same with a persenced serie of international tours between the 2016 and 2019, Tonto is a no guitar one-man-band, with drumset and voice amplified by piezo pickups in a jungle of distortions and digital artifacts, furious grooves and screams.
The project was born from the attempt of creating a raw and spontaneous show by taking advantage  of fairly complicated audio technology. Ignoring overt structures and methods in favor of a wild barbarite and of non-verbal expressiveness, Tonto is a musician through a computer, a monkey in a spaceship. 


is the fourth studio album of Tonto, composed and realized in the middle of the pandemic. Each Tonto publication explores singular recording strategies; during the sessions, the architecture of the pieces is dismantled and rearranged for hours in improvised digressions, which are eventually inserted into the composition during the editing process. The misery of Corona isolation and the shift towards live activities led to the choice of opening the sessions and of collaborating with friends and figures of the musical circuit by taking advantage of the residuals of sociality offered at Cabot Cove, the den of noisy Bolognese musicians. Hate Limbs appear in the first remix of “Cerbiatto”, Rico Gamondi from Uochi Toki in the second remix, Paola Paganhate of Procrastinators on vocals on “Macboos”, Frè Zocca of Lleroy on guitar for “Oh”.

The title “Cerbiatto” must be credited to Diego Castioni di Grandine who, during the last recording session, promptly responded to the request “Say a random word, I’ll improvise a song on that on the fly” with the word “Cerbiatto” (or little deer in Italian).
The video for the single “CERBIATTO (feat Hate Limbs)” was shot in July in the Icelandic countryside, in a deserted area near Miðhúsaskógur. It will be premiered for Impatto Sonoro in mid-October.

“Cerbiatto EP”
[October 25, 2021]
experimental, electroacoustic, hardcore, noise
Iesi, Italy

on ► cdclick-europe.com/projects/Sidereal

Label / Booking / Press: 

Grandine Records 

… “Cerbiatto (feat. Hate Limbs)”



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