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Only a few years ago nobody would have associated shoegaze to Italy; yet today Italogaze – as it has been dubbed -, starting from an underground word of mouth, has gained a solid international credibility; shoegaze lovers are enthusiastic about bands like Be Forest, Stella Diana, Clustersun, Rev Rev Rev, and happily discover other outfits that animate the scene. A certain team spirit has been building up too among the bands, many of which are brought together in Mutiny Collective, constantly keeping in touch to exchange ideas and organise events. Among the most active are Milan-based In Her Eye, whose talent has already been noticed by influential Italian media like Rockit and La Repubblica newspaper. Their sound is a powerful mixture of 80’s new wave echoes (New Order, The Cure), shoegaze and sonic suggestions (Swervedriver, My Vitriol, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.); all filtered through a genuine rock attitude. Change is dedicated to movement, to transformation. In the last few years, original band members (Aldo Bernuzzi, Giuseppe Galotti, Stefano Schiavella) passed through a lot of changings: relationships, new births, life philosophies. The line-up has changed as well: with Raffaele Bocchetti (former Stella Diana) joining the band, the In Her Eye classic sound recreates and enrichs itself with new hues and shades. New songs, featuring also backing vocals by Antonia Chiara Ciancaglini (The Mystic Morning), reflect this situation: their signature sound is still there, but they’ve brought it to the next level. Sometimes it’s psychedelia, sometimes it’s pop. It’s all a game of change. 


In Her Eye
[June 01, 2018]

shoegaze, indie-rock

Milan, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:

Kool Things PR





Change is out on 1st June 2018. In Her Eye have so far released debut album Anywhere Out Of The World (2011), and Borderline EP (2014). Since 2015 the band has been involved in a handful of tribute compilations (The Cure, Ride, Wire), while composing the songs for the new album.

1. Closer To Me
2. Bianca
3. Elephant
4. Change
5. Neon Lights
6. Demons
7. As In A Dream
8. Life


“Closer To Me”

In Her Eye

Kool Things PR


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