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Emiliano Tessitore’s “Complex Melodies for Simple People,” full of great guests, comes out 
on July 4th 2022

Here is the presentation of the album by the Artist:
“The album came about by putting the pieces of a puzzle in order during a period
of isolation. It was not an easy process, due to my constant quest to relate the notes to each other as if  they had a principle of action-consequence, proper to the game of Chess. I expressed my 
vision of Music in 7 tracks, different from each other but linked by a common thread 
common thread: the sound of the guitar.
Thus I present to you “Complex Melodies for Simple People,” because after all, 
life, in its infinite forms and melodies, is always a bit complex and we are all really simple by comparison.”

TRACK LIST and Special Guest!
1 Scent of coffee
2 The Importance of sloth – Titta Tani (Drums), Stefano Franceschini
(Bass), Daniel Mastrovito (Piano)
3 Jumpin’ Judas – Leo Margarit (drums) Lorenzo Beverati (bass)
4 Missed call – Titta Tani (drums) Lorenzo Beverati (bass)
5 Heisenberg’s fly – Andrea Gianangeli (drums), Mike LePond (bass),
Vinnie Moore (Guitar solo)
6 Simplicity of being here – Andrea Gianangeli (drums), Lorenzo
Beverati (bass), Daniel Mastrovito (Piano) Nick Johnston (Guitar Solo)
7 The Weaver’s checkmate – Lorenzo Beverati (bass), Daniel Mastrovito
(Piano), Atma Anur (Drums)

"Complex Melodies for Simple People"  

Emiliano Tessitore
[July 4, 2022]
heavy metal

Label / Booking / Press: 

Wanikiya Records


The album was Mixed and Mastered by Giacomo Pasquali
The entire Album was produced, arranged and composed by Emiliano

Guitarist for Vinnie Moore (UFO), Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Mark Boals (Y J Malmsteen), and the original  band Stage of Reality. Guitarist and author together with TItta Tani (Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, DGM, 
Necrophagia) of the band Ehfar.
Guitarist of Trial Of Dreams, Tribute Band Dream Theater.
In 2022 he composed his first original instrumental album “Complex Melodies for Simple People” with guest musicians such as Nick Johnston, Vinnie Moore, Atma Anur, Mike Lepond and Leo Margarit.
A Modern Rock guitarist, he is the director of the Modern Music Institute in Rome.
On tour with Vinnie Moore in 2018, 2020 and 2022 in Europe. On tour with Uli Jon Roth in 2019 in Europe. On tour with Mark Boals in 2019 in Europe.
On tour with Doogie White in 2022. Played with Kee Marcello (Europe), Edu Falaschi (Angra), Nathaniel Peterson (Twin Dragons) and has opened concerts for bands such as Angra, Vinny Appice, Haggard, Blind
Co-organizer of events such as Paul Gilbert Masterclass, André Nieri Masterclass, Reb Beach in concert  and live interviews with artists internationals such as, Micheal Angelo Batio, Vinnie Moore, Joel Hoekstra, 
Ryan Van Poederooyen, Bumblefoot, Joey Tafolla, Cristina Scabbia and many others. Collaborator for the brands Mezzabarba Amplification, Jaketto Picks and Ernie Ball Strings with Algam Eko.

… “The Weaver’s Checkmate Ft. Atma Anur”


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