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out on March 20th 2020 

“Here in Pain” 

“D.R.A.M.A.C.O.R.E.” is the result of the work done by Wall Of Palemhor in the last two years, that is since the formation has stabilized and presents Nicola La Neve (guitar), Mirko Iannicelli (drums), Andrea Medioli (guitar), Davide Gorlini (voice) and Fabio “Tats” (bass).
The musical genre is basically death metal melodic with influences from the most recent metalcore to the metal 90s/2000s with which we grew up. The album features nine tracks with which we want to offer, as suggests the title and the cover shows rawly, the drama of living with attention at those dark corners that we all meet, who more or less, in the rooms of our lives. After the “test” recording of “Worms Inside” and the satisfaction of the result achieved, the idea of making a complete disc was consolidated. In about a year of working in the rehearsal room we assimilated the new pieces and went to the studio to record them:  again we chose the AudioCore Studio in the province of Parma where, given the genre that we do, we would have found in their experience and expertise a very good reference point. With the exception of the lyrics of two tracks, all the songs, music and lyrics, begin by the inspiration of Nicola La Neve to be then arranged to the whole band during the work in the rehearsal room; in the studio, during the recording/production phase, the finishing is done  to keep the maximum from our material. In the selection and composition of the songs we did not want to miss anything: above the supporting walls made by melodic riffs that chase each other and alternate, we insert breakdowns , angry blast beat and quiet parts (almost cameos that find their climax in the title track, instrumental track in classic  fingerstyle). The whole thing was then combined with the search for a sound that was not too sophisticated, but that allowed to make all the guitar nuances while also maintaining the raw appearance. At this stage, the experience of AudioCore Studio was particularly useful, from the type of amp setting to the final mixing, which was able to distill a satisfactory product for us.

About Wall Of Palemhor:
Based in Parma, Wall Of Palemhor was formed in early 2015 by the same passion as Niko (guitar) and MKI (drums) for Deathmetal music. They then began to look for black and melodic sounds inspired by the atmospheres of the 90s/2000s, with the intention of creating extreme music with killer guitar riffs, intense melodies and aggressive voices. The result of this work is the EP “OBSCURA”, a four-handed work recorded in the summer of 2015
at Suffering Studios. After a few months of recording, the band reunited with the addition of a new member, Andrea (guitar), who adds power and taste to existing songs and contributes to the realization of the new compositions. The line-up was completed in 2016 with Dave (vocals) and Satyr (bass): the presence of Dave’s new vocal timbre adds “metalcore” sound to the band. In 2018 it is the time of a new bassist, Fabio “Tats”, who adds new energy and grit to the band in the different concerts that make the band known. It’s time to test yourself with the new material: in the summer of 2018 at Audiocore Studio we record “Worms Inside”.
The piece with the new sounds introduced convince, so we work on the realization of a new complete record. 

” D.R.A.M.A.C.O.R.E. ”
[March 20, 2020]
Melodic Deathmetal
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
This Is Core

… “You Worth”


Contact: wallofpalemhor.com/

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