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Freedom Fuel is set to release their second album ‘DANCE!’ in February 2019 via Secret Entertainment.



Freedom Fuel is a trio that was founded early 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Their music have an eclectic approch to rock. It is arty, blues-based and wanders stylistically from edgy garage and swampy blues stomp to lusty pop and weird cabaret. 

[February 15, 2019]

Eclectric Rock / Garage / Blues Rock
Helsinki, Finland
Label / Booking / Press:
Inverse Records



Teemu Holttinen – vocals & guitars
Henri Fagerholm – bass
Sami Ojala – drums


“Løne Star” è disponibile su Spotify, iTunes e sututte le principali piattaforme di streaming (distr. digitale Artist First / IndieBox Music) e inCD nei negozi di dischi (distribuzione Self / IndieBox Music).

“Løne Star” è stato registrato, mixato e masterizzato presso Bleach Studio, Gittana (LC) da Andrea Maglia e Meme Gerace. Arrangiamenti: Castaways Roaming, Andrea Maglia, Meme Gerace. Testi e musiche: Castaways Roaming. Seconda chitarra in “Jupiter Revenge” di Andrea Maglia. Percussioni in “Jupiter Revenge” di Meme Gerace. Label: autoprodotto. Publishing: Le Parc Music.Press & Social Media: IndieBox Music.




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