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My Hopes Instilled
Dancing In The Crisis”
alternative rock / emo

Italian alternative rock quintet My Hopes Instilled just released their debut EP “Dancing In The Crisis“, the result of an intense work of crafting their own sound from a wide range of influences. Incorporating melodic vocals, heavy guitar riffs and solid lyrics themes, the band is ready to push their boundaries and determined to establish a wide fanbase . To accompany the album announcement, My Hopes Instilled has also released a brand new music video for the single that gives the title to the EP “Dancing In The Crisis”and obtained a positive and excited feedback from the underground scene

Andrea Burelli // lead vocals
Pietro Colausig // lead guitar
Christian Garbino // rythm guitar
Francesco Corsi // bass, backing vocals
Gabriele Mancini // drums
"Dancing In The Crisis"

Along with the EP release, My Hopes Instilled also released a brand new music video for the eponymous single “Dancing In The Crisis” that obtained a positive feedback from an underground scene that is starting to appreciate these Italian newcomers more and more.

… “Dancing In The Crisis

“I’m standing in the corner, I’m crying, do you remind me? I was never the kind of guy, That smiles when sun is rising, My name has been written on a disguise, I’m afraid to lose the only reason why I’d like to fly, I’m dancing in the crisis.
I’m losing my mind ‘cause I can’t live in rewind, I’ve put a spell on my rhymes so everybody will cry at night, I don’t care about the humankind.
I threw my hands against the wall, I promise that I’ll give you more, But where are you now? Can you see the sunset on my face? My heart is such an empty place, but where are you now?
Mmm, stop. I’ll fight until I’m reaching the top, but now the rain is pouring, surgery is occurring, all I see around me starts to be blurry, I’m afraid of the time ‘cause I can’t live in rewind, I’ve put some truth in my lies so everybody will cry at night, I don’t care about the humankind.”

My Hopes Instilled

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