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“Darkest Days”
produced by Mike Shinoda
out on September 17th 2021 

Becko’s “Darkest Days” is a poignant creation juxtaposing heartfelt vocal melodies with intense screams and hard-hitting beats. Produced by Mike Shinoda and accompanied by a cinematic, narrative-driven music video, this new track marks a milestone in Becko’s creative evolution. “Darkest Days” is available now on all platforms from independent electronic rock label FiXT Radium. Becko is an Italian artist/producer based in Vatican City. Originally known as the vocalist from post-hardcore band Hopes Die Last, Becko grew up as a scene-kid and huge Linkin Park fan. Becko was recently chosen by Mike Shinoda to produce his latest track “Darkest Days” live on Shinoda’s Twitch stream and the track drops Sept 17th along with an official music video. “Darkest Days” showcases Becko’s multi-genre mix of Electro-Alt-Emo-Metal-and-Trap with his signature vocals, as one of the final singles from his upcoming full-length album You Are (Not) Alone. The album will be out November 2021 through independent electronic-rock label FiXT Radium. Rising from the ashes of post hardcore band Hopes Die Last, Italian multi-genre producer, musician and vocalist Marco Calanca created Becko as a solo project, uniting influences of EDM, Hip-Hop, Industrial and Emo-Rock. With previous releases under his belt with labels ranging from Warner Italy and Universal Italy, to Monstercat, Lowly Palace, and Smash the House since 2014, Becko found a new home in early 2020, signing a multi-album deal with the independent, artist-owned/operated USA-based electronic-rock label FiXT, founded by genre-pioneering artist & producer Klayton (Celldweller, Circle of Dust). In 2020, Becko released the full-length album INNER SELF, as a triumphant fusion of trap & metal. In early 2021 Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), chose Becko to produce one of his upcoming songs, which will appear on his next album.

“Darkest Days”
[September 17, 2021]
post-hardcore, alternative, crossover
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press: 
FiXT Radium / BJF Media PR


FB – BeckoSkie

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