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They Called Him Zone

UK’s Darkwave/Indie outfit ‘They Called Him Zone’ are looking for coverage of new single ‘Death Drive/I Like Noise’ available of 25/8/17

Genere: electronic, rock, alternative rock, darkwave, electro goth, new wave, noise, post-punk, sythwave

Pubblicato il 9 agosto 2017



Mik Davis 2017

I wanna break down, like the endless sun,
I wanna get high, like the world’s begun,
I wanna break down, like a railway line,
The nuclear high, just to keep you alive, the death drive…

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, all rise, the death drive….
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, all rise, gimme the death drive….

We’ve become so cold, playing out in the rain,
Waiting out for June,
You make me cold sweat…
My body shakes – when I’m with you,
I feel no pain…

The death drive….

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, all rise, the death drive….
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, all rise, gimme the death drive….

The death drive…

Official video written, directed and produced by Twenty Twenty Films, UK Starring Zombie Cat Girl, Miss Gerrish and Mark Morris. Written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Mik Davis and Steve Maloney – John Bradford and Cat Mclaughlan Mastered by Wes Maebe

Out of the ashes of their debut LP Crow Swan Wolf comes They Call Him Zone’s new single, ‘Death Drive’ / ‘I Like Noise’.
Freudian lead track ‘Death Drive’ delivers a dark, penetrating beat, modulated synthesizers, Steve Maloney’s signature post-punk/garage guitars, and the ethereal, venomous vocals of Mik Davis.

The release will be accompanied by a conceptual music video by Bradford-based Twenty Twenty Films, channelling the uptown 80s vampire chic of The Hunger and the downtown grime of Abel Ferrara. It features alternative models Zombie Cat Girl and Miss Gerrish, and method actor Mark Morris.
B-side I Like Noise’ evokes the minimalist electronic pioneers of the early 80s – a primitive and driving soundtrack to a Ballardian retro-future.

They Called Him Zone

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