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Komarov Magnificent Backflip
“Demo 2021”
out on June 3rd 2021 

“We are an act and this is our cast, in order:
guitar and shouty boi
bass and cue boi
drums and sweaty boi
guitar and noisy boi

We are the four most blurred and unfocused individuals you can find in the wild,
follow us and we’ll fall together”

“Demo 2021”
Komarov Magnificent Backflip
[June 3, 2021]
punk, garage, krautrock, surf
Base:  Bologna, Italy

Recorded by Martino Scaglia and Thomas Anderson at Plain Street Basement (Bologna) in December 2020.
Mixed & mastered by Thomas Anderson.
Artwork by LIZ VI VI VI. 
pic 📷 by Laura

… “Ikoma”




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