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Devoted Madness
release “Devoted Madness”
out on September 10th 2022

“The music of Devoted Madness has set itself the goal of recreating with the same attitude of classic bands a sound made up of massive riffs, frenetic solos and aggressive vocals.

The proposed songs deal with the most varied themes: from the restlessness towards life expressed during the epic opening song, “Death Through The Eyes”, we unleashed personal despairs in “Bad Dream”, where the fear of nightmare is translated into “divebombs” and eerie guitar harmonies. There is also space for intimate and sentimental moments, as in the emotional “Tears of Hope”.”

"Devoted Madness"  

Devoted Madness
[September 10, 2022]
thrash metal, heavy metal
Rieti, Italy


Devoted Madness are:
– Giovanni Fiordeponti: Vocals/Guitars
– Fabio Spread Mariantoni: Guitars
– Mattia Rossi: Bass
– Alessandro Bianchi: Drums

All songs were written by Devoted Madness 
Recordings by Fabio SpreadMariantoni 
Mix and Mastering by Federico Ferretti 

Album artwork by BDX_KRPRT
Additional backing vocals by Leonardo Abati for Crashwood

… “Bad Dream”



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