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out on September 20th 2019 

The story is beautiful and above all, full of ambition…

In 2017, while composing metalcore riffs in a home studio in Biarritz (France), Enzo & Shura decide to contact an American they find on YouTube to offer him to sing on their productions. Gil, a New Yorker, enthusiastically accepts and offers the two French musicians to work with him on the songs in the United States.
From then on, everything happens very fast. Enzo & Shura form a band composed of long-time friends to accompany them overseas with Yann, a studio director, and Romain, a professional musician. VIGILS is born.
A few months after their first virtual exchanges, the members meet and record a debut EP “Spinning” with the renowned Erik Ron (Motionless in White, Attila). This release is carried by the singles “Spinning” & “Grinning” whose music videos were directed by Robin August, having among others worked with Fall Out Boy and Escape the Fate.
Very well received by the fans of the band, this album gathers today near one million of streams on Spotify, a great accomplishment for an independent band.
Following the release of their debut EP, the band is back with a new single, titled “Divide”. 
On this new release, Gil, author of the lyrics, explains:
“The song is about being too overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and not being able to see the positive aspects of life. Forgetting why you’re alive and why you’re here because your inner demons are constantly yelling louder than your brain can think. Knowing that deep down this isn’t who you are, but the negative keeps overshadowing the good. The line “why am I being pulled from two sides?” is referencing the feelings of dissonance those contrasting thoughts cause.
It’s not a neutral or optimistic song, it’s just about suffering.”

[September 20, 2019]
posthardcore / metalcore
Base:  NYC, LA and Biarritz, France
Label / Booking / Press:
Coming Soon Agency

The new single “Divide” is now available on major streaming platforms. The music video, shot in New York by Eric DiCarlio (AttilaShadow Of Intent …), is available on VIGILS’ YouTube channel





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