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“Don’t Speak About It”
out on July 6th 2020 

Abuses emerged out of an apocalyptic state. We got bored, made sounds, read too much Ballard and K. Dick, watched the swamp rise and the sun burn hotter, hallucinated poetry that was instantly lost and numbly walked through empty streets. Our anxiety is your new tinnitus.

“Best hot new band from Eastern Europe” New Express Music

This is the bit you read and then copy/paste straight into your article/website so you don’t have to actually write anything about us. We make music. We like post-punk and noise. We like thick
basslines and smeary guitars. You can dance at our gigs, but we’d prefer it if you didn’t. We’ve been in other bands; you know how Google works, use it.

In this apocalyptic state, we live in an evolving exhibition of atrocity. We can pursue new modes of perception and systems of meaning, finding the essential elements in the poetry of living; stealing and adapting to numb the permanent anxiety of the flood of banal media.

“Don’t Speak About It”
[July 06, 2020]
post-punk, shoegaze
Lettonia – LV

Sabine Moore – screams, bleeps and all the left-overs
Anete Cima – cold heat 
Richard Thompson – mutterings and string scraping 


+371 27109904

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