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Athens outfit Dury Dava have dropped their self-titled debut album and it’s out today (Friday 10 May) via Inner Ear Records. Duru Dava music is dark, experimental with heavily psychedelic inflected atmosphere. “Satana” is the first single from the double LP. Listen below.

Almost nine minutes in length, the song explores Dury Dava’s commitment to blend the tremendous frenzied Dionysus’ ecstasy and Apollonian ethereality in fine-tuned harmony. Fusion, prog-punk, krautrock and Psychedelic Madness. “Satana” is a divine ailment, possessed with sacred madness into the boundless chaos of the Dionysian.

Enjoy the magnificent clarinet. Share your thoughts. Greetings from Athens!
This album was recorded live during several sessions in the second half of 2018 at Hobart Phase Studios, AKA the mossy basement of an unwitting suburban home in Athens, the very rehearsal space where the band members first met over three years ago. In part it represents this very union and subsequent formation, and brings to the world, for the first time, upwards of 70 minutes of their original music. Several compositional trajectories are employed, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of places. Their music pays tribute to the raw grit of 60’s psychedelia and 70’s krautrock, and fuses elements from the Greco-Turkish musical traditions such as odd rhythms and folk dances with a punk mentality, resulting in an amalgamation of contemporary experimental rock with heterogeneous throwback underpinnings. What it lacks for in discipline, it compensates for in energy and spontaneity. The music was written by Dury Dava, comprising of Karolos Berahas (bass, keys, synth), Giorgis Karras (el. guitar, dilruba), Dimitris Mantzavinos (vocals, el. guitar, bouzouki), Dimitris Prokos (clarinet, synth) and Ilias Livieratos (drums, percussion).
“Dury Dava”

[May 10, 2019]

Genre: indie rock, krautrock, psychedelic

Base: Athens, Greece

Label / Booking / Press:

Inner Ear Records




[Cover Photo by Katerina Karali – Click image for high-res]





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