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Special Friend
“Ennemi Commun”
out on March 26th 2021

Special Friend is a Paris-based American/French duo formed in 2017 by Erica Ashleson (drums, vocals) and Guillaume Siracusa (guitar, vocals). They released their first eponymous EP on Buddy Records, Gravity Music, Hidden Bay and Howlin’ Banana in 2019. They recorded it in their rehearsal studio in two days, unveiling a singular talent for minimalistic pop, recalling the likes of Yo La Tengo, Duster, and Electrelane. During the summer of 2020, the band invited Vincent Hivert (En Attendant Ana, Belmont Witch) to help them record “Ennemi commun” on a Tascam 8-track. Their debut album demonstrates the evolution of the group through songs with occasional layering guitars and keyboards, with more space for harmonized vocals. 

Special Friend:
Guillaume Siracusa – Guitar, vocals
Erica Ashleson – Drums, vocals

“Ennemi Commun”
Special Friend
[March 26, 2021]
dream pop, indie rock, noise pop, shoegaze
Base:  Paris, France
Label / Booking / Press:
Hidden Bay Records / Howlin’ Banana Records

Hidden Bay Records ► https://hiddenbayrecords/ 

Howlin’ Banana Records ► https://howlinbananarecords/

Recorded & mixed by Vincent Hivert
Mastered by Paul Rannaud
Artwork by Erica Ashleson
released March 26, 2021

… “Ennemi Commun”



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