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CB Radio Gorgeous
out on April 27th 2020 

With a new 7-inch out in 2020 on Thrilling Living/ Not Normal Records, CB Radio Gorgeous continue their breakneck rampage on the face of punk. Vocalist Anna Kinderman (Hellwoman), guitarist Matt Revers (Negative Scanner), drummer Joseph Seger (Big Zit, CCTV), and bassist Jill Lloyd Flanagan (Forced into Femininity, Coughs) make a sharp yet tuneful racket.

Anna, Jill, Matt, Joe

CB Radio Gorgeous
[April 27, 2020]
punk, hc
Base:  Chicago, Illinois
Label / Booking / Press:
Thrilling Living

order also → thrillingliving.com/collection/

Recorded by Tom Cassling
Mixed by Dave Vettraino
Mastered by Alex Nagle

… “The Devil”




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