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Switzerland-based sextet Soldat Hans began their career as an instrumental noise band playing solely improvised sets. The turning point happened around 2013 when they settled to write some material for their first album “Dress Rehearsal”, which was released in November 2014. Taking their name from the old fairytale “Des Teufels russiger Bruder” by the brothers Grimm, the sound of Soldat Hans somehow echoed the desolate feeling of this very tale, also making reference to others like Mahler and Schubert. “Dress Rehearsal” was an adventurous journey crossing disparate musical genres like doom, post-rock, drone and dark jazz.

“Eus Taut”

Soldat Hans

“Eus Taut”

[April 28, 2018]

post rock, drone, doom, dark jazz

Winterthur, Switzerland

Label / Booking / Press:
Wolves And Vibrancy Records / Viral Propaganda PR




Tobias: Guitar
Omar: Guitar
Omar: Guitar, Vocals

Clemens: Keyboard
Jonathan: Bass
Jazz: Drums

Soldat Hans

Viral Propaganda PR
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