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Infraktor’s “Exhaust” LP Out On Rastilho Metal Records

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“Exhaust” is the debut album of Portuguese thrashers Infraktor and puts a halt to an extensive hiatus all members have been taking from the recording studios.  Although they’re a relatively new group, all the members of Infraktor are experienced musicians having served some quite time in acts like Revolution Within, Pitch Black, Echidna and Gates Of Hell.
To be released on March 2nd via Rastilho Records, “Exhaust” was produced by Miguel Tereso between Ultrasound Studios and Demigod Recordings and offers a heavy, yet catchy thrash/death metal sound brimming with pummelling rhythms, fast and aggressive riffs and ferocious vocals.
The album was written over a period of four years and it shows, for it is an extremely mature and razor sharp album reflecting their well-seasoned writing and execution skills. “It took us a few rounds until we managed to gather the right musicians in sync with the same musical approach… But we’ve made it and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Making
‘Exhaust’ was a troubled process, intense and defying at the same time, but we’re very proud of it” says guitarist Carlos Almeida.




[March 02, 2018]

Heavy Metal  /Thrash Metal

Aveiro / Porto- Portugal

Label / Booking / Press: 
Rastilho Metal Records / Viral Propaganda PR




Hugo Silva – Vocals
Carlos Almeida – Guitar
Ricardo Martins – Guitar
Miguel Pinto – Bass
Francisco Martins – Drums


“Blood of the Weak”


Viral Propaganda PR
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