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Faintin’ Goats
“Electronics, martial times, noises, what remains of the concept of guitars, repetitions, samples and more or less cinematographic voices are the coordinates of the italian duo.”

Faintin’ Goats are an industrial-noise-pop duo formed by Alessio Del Donno and Daniele Pescatore in 2016.
After the release of the singles “Terra Nullius” and “Plastic Lie”, in 2017 comes “MONOMANIA”, the first full-length with tribal, psych, industrial and electro-punk influences.
In 2019 they make up part of the soundtrack of the short film “La Noce” directed by Alessio Del Donno himself. In the same year they participate with the single “Head Back” at the
international compilation “Вароша”, with the Russian label UIS.
In 2021 they participate with the single “Sweat” in the “INTERNATIONAL” compilation of “unconventional / unusual music” of the Greek label E.C.T. with artists from all over the world.

What is Failin’ Gods
“Failin ‘Gods” is the new album by Faintin’ Goats, that will be released on May 12, for various labels such as E.C.T. (Greece), Dirty Beach, Bulbless and Oh! Dear (Italy).
The duo’s crooked attitude is subversion without intellectualism, a sonic Dadaism in which the power of the current dominates. The black irony holds together the 13 tracks of the record.
“Killing Social Moods”, instant classic at the opening, is a “Flat beat” subjected to a process of moral degradation. “Declaration”, a la Suicide, is a carpet of guitars soured by life and synths that chirp a soundtrack of the absurd. In “Sweat” and “Cosmological problem” the drum machines are mixed in the high frequency concrete mixer, lost in a childish, as horrifying lullaby land. “Cybergoat” is boxing.
In “Shame Talking”, surrounded by sequencers, preceded by phrasing a la Cul de Sac, Del Donno’s voice is momentarily free from the clutches of distortions. After, “Sounds Good”, the disc’s psychedelic parenthesis, “Bad Wax” is a form of rape or at most a hymn to the ambivalence of fear. After “Clap your Hands …” and “Head Back”, there is still room for the unexpected. “CUNTinous Annoyance” is a picture of our time-shifted days, where everything goes fast and suddenly slows down smashing your face.
The final track of the disc is an ironic seal, in which the vocal synthesis (multilingual and depersonalizing) of Google, in a sort of ready-made, finds a new unsettling location, reminding us and returning us, once and for all, to the danger of life. Out there.

"Failin’ Gods"  

Faintin’ Goats
[May 12, 2022]
electropunk, industrial, noise rock

Label / Booking / Press: 

E.C.T. / Dirty Beach / Bulbless / Oh!Dear / Stand Alone Complex

Alessio Del Donno: voice, lyrics, electric guitar, drum machine, groove box, noise/effects
Daniele Pescatore: synths, keys, sequencers, effects

… “Killing Social Mood”



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