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6 Settembre 2014

Si riprende con la consueta programmazione di serate e live, al LEGEND CLUB di Milano, non nuova a queste manifestazioni.
Vediamoci il Video Teaser del FALL IN HELL FESTIVAL

Le band che suoneranno sono:
+ Ira
+ Endless Pain
+ Blindeath
+ Karonus

Andiamo a vedere nel dettaglio le formazioni

“Not One Of Them”

“IRREVERENCE was born in 1995 from an idea of RICKY PAIORO, which found in DAVIDE FIRINU the right person to start the project. In 1997 the band was permanently formed: RICKY PAIORO (guitar & vocals), DAVIDE FIRINU (drums), GIULIANO STROZZI (bass), LUCA PETRAZZUOLO (lead guitar). The first demo is released in 1998, followed the year after by a new recording. In 2000 they signed with STONEHENGE RECO…”

“Occult Doctrine Pt.4 (Past Returns)”

“RA – Italian Progressive Death Metal Band .
Milan-based IRA formed in 1997. Between 2004 and 2007 the band released some devastating and intense technical death metal demos like “Chaos Regression” (2005) and “Dawn of World Redemption” (2007), receiving great reviews on the web.
Finally early 2012 these guys created, arranged and produced “THE SYNDROME OF DECLINE”, the first IRA’s full-lenght al…”

“Trespassing The Shores Of Evil”

“Gli EndlessPain nascono a Brescia nel 2001, partendo da un thrash metal aggressivo che ora dopo vari cambi di line-up si è spostato verso un “brutal/thrash” violento, veloce e personale.
La band ha pubblicato 2 demo:
“The cruel way of war” (2002)
“Shotgun carnage” (2003)…”

“Parla….parla [IN.SI.DIA Cover]”

Blindeath was born in September 2011 from Danilo Sunna (drums) and Gioele Zoppellaro(guitar), who wanted to revive the old 80’s thrash sounds. Together they have been searching for other band members to start the project and, after several tests, they finally found Alessandro Preti (guitars), Daniel Cullity (bass) and Matteo Albini (vocals).
Then Blindeath started playing in different clubs in Milan and recorded a demo “Dawn Of Disease”.
In 2013,…”


“KARONUS is a melodic death metal band that joins progressive elements, standard, (un)modern metal.
KARONUS was born in 2013 from an idea of two friends.
pure and genuine death metal sound…”

Cover Piccola X Sito

Il 6 Settembre 2014 al LEGEND CLUB(Ex Legend 54), Viale Enrico Fermi 98, MILANO si terrà il
“FALL IN HELL FESTIVAL”. Metal, Thrash, Death a volontà!
H: 21,30

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