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Fiction or Reality?
out on December 17th 2021 

In 2004 three musicians from Turin – Gianluca Rindone (guitar), Jari Bezzolato (bass) and Andrea Ramondetti (drum) – found Skyline, a modern rock band which arises with the purpose to play a modern and melodic rock, influenced by alternative sounds and music that come from American world and beyond.

In 2010 The Other Words arises, the first album of the band, which inaugurates a lucky series of concerts in the underground circuit.

When the new album Nowhere Here comes out in 2016, which has a discrete success in Turin music world, Skyline reinterpret the sounds of their last album in a more modern way.

Even if over the years there have been some changes in the line-up of the band, his founding members never give up, and they compose a new album during the 2020 lockdown period: and then in 2021 a new project sees the light, Fiction or Reality?, in which the band explores modern rock sounds, switching between rock and melodic songs, in which digital overcomes analogue.

To realize the new album, which marks a turning point and a renovation of the sounds compared to last albums, the band has also drawn on the collaboration of Christian Di Domenico, the voice of The Compromise, who has played an important role in the music soul of the band.

The album has been recorded by Giovanni Cannarozzo (Phoenix Audio Producton Studio) and mastered by Andrea Fusini (Fusix Studio).

The release of Fiction or Reality?, inaugurates the collaboration of the band with Volcano records.

“Fiction or Reality?”
[December 17, 2021]
modern rock

Label / Booking / Press: 

Volcano Records

… “Where We All Begin”



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