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In September 2020 WITCHE’S BREW gonna unleash the 4th album “Chronicles Of Electric Sorcery” via Universal Music Italia, recently the dedicated rockers released a music video for the album track “Find A Way“.

Promising Italian WITCHE’S BREW got together by their own Rock’n’Roll destiny in 2007.

The band’s name WITCHE’S BREW is taken from the name of guitarist Mirko Witche Bosco. In 2008 the hungry bunch of HARD ROCKERS recorded a live EP, “Pentatonicspeedfreaks” during an Austrian tour.

Two years later WITCHE’S BREW recorded their first full length release “White Trash Sideshow”, published through Black Widow Records. The year 2011 the formation participated in the compilation “Return To The Sabbath”, a tribute to Black Sabbath. 

WITCHE’S BREW • 2020 • 📸 Davide Bordogna

Mark Blacks • Vocals
Mirko Witche Bosco • Guitars
Demis Perry Whites • Bass
Frankie Brando • Drums

2012 saw them recording their second album “Supersonicspeedfreaks”, also with Black Widow Records, this time with the participation of special guests including none other than Nik Turner of Hawkwind, Frederick Martin Grice of Delirium amongst others.

In 2015 WITCHE’S BREW recorded the third album “Against The Grain”, also with Black Widow Records as label partner.

All of these longplayers received great reviews and interviews from both national and international music media, such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Metal Maniac, Classix, Sludge, Rumore etc. WITCHE’S BREW have done many tours throughout Italy and Europe.

After a few usual changes in the band they finally found finally the perfect line-up to record their fourth and best album to date: “Chronicles Of Electric Sorcery“, out in September on Universal Music Group Italy.

“Find A Way”
[September 2020]
Hard Rock
Base:  Como, Italy
Label / Booking / Press: 

The new, all around sovereignly presented compositions reveal truly outstanding, great potential, and it is by no means a coincidence that the production of the record also strongly reminds of the glorious 80s.

And the latter is no miracle – after all, WITCHE’S BREW are fully into the legacy of crunchy bands such as Lynch Mob, Slaughter, Giant, Skid Row, Dangerous Toys and Dirty Looks. (Markus Eck) 

Single cover art • “Find A Way
Mirko Witche Bosco 

2010 • White Trash Sideshow (Full-length)
2012 • Supersonicspeedfreaks (Full-length)
2015 • Against The Grain (Full-length)
2020 • Chronicles Of Electric Sorcery (Full-length)




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