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Andy Ramponi
“Fine Thanks”
out on June 30th 2021 

Andy’s first band was SpiderGags back in 2015.
Since 2017 he plays as substitute bass player with Lineout in gigs all aroud Europe.
In 2018 he becomes the bass player of the Italian hardcore punk band Discomostro.
In 2019 Andy starts his solo acoustic project, a bunch of raw punk songs for your beat-up eardrums. New album “Fine Thanks” is out now!

“Fine Thanks”
Andy Ramponi
[June 30, 2021]
punk, acoustic punk, folk punk, punk rock
Base:  Milano, Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Professional Punkers


8 raw acoustic punk songs mixed with catchy melodies and emotional lyrics make for a dynamic and personal sound. Songs by Andrea Ramponi
Recording, Mix, Master, Artwork by Andrea Ramponi

… “Monkey”


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