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Formed by childhood friends Philipp Michel and René Hofmann, Glanville is a brand new heavy rock band from Germany. Having played in groups like Wight, Foh, The Earwix and Milking the Goatmachine, Hofmann and Michel are experienced musicians and quickly wrote some songs that demanded to be played by a real and full-grown band in front of a crowd.  

The search for the right partners  took more than a year, but finally the line-up was completed with the entrance of Peter-Philipp Schierhorn (Fallen Tyrant) on bass, Thomas Hoffmann (Bushfire) on drums, and Chris West (Trippy Wicked, Stubb and Landskap) on second guitar. 

Singer René Hofmann, who previously played guitar, had this to say about the experience: “As an unsuccessful guitarist screaming and complaining all the time about my playing, I found out that my tongue works better than my fingers so I became a singer. Finding the right musicians for the band was hard. It took over a year… like diggin’ in the bargain bin and only finding the leftover bruised apples“.

Highly motivated and focused, the group entered a studio in Darmstadt, Germany and in just two days recorded five new tracks to be featured on Glanville’s debut effort “First Blood”. The result is a little like Thin Lizzy, a little like Iron Maiden, and with hints of Dio, these heavy rockers truly sound like Rob Halford wearing Dennis Hopper’s leather jacket and “First Blood” is a remarkable introduction of greater things this talented and passionate group of musicians can and will accomplish in the future. 

“First Blood”

“First Blood”
[July 06, 2018]

hard rock, heavy metal, heavy rock

Darmstadt, Germany

Label / Booking / Press:
Fat & Holy Records / Viral Propaganda PR




“Dancing On Fire”

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