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Big Baby
Fizzy Cola” 
out on January 10th 2020

The title “Fizzy Cola” is an homage to candy, soda and the song Cherry Coke, which was the first one written for the EP. Most of the songs are inspired by the timeline of my relationship. A lot of specific moments were always stuck in my mind. I went back and wrote songs about them — last summer, driving home from Philadelphia, other friendships and interactions before we started dating. (Ali) 

Big Baby started when a first-time songwriter and her friends wanted to try something different. They are inspired by the anyone-can-do-it accessibility of 90’s twee and the loud, sugary melodies of indie and power pop. Ali Mislowsky (vocals, guitar), Chris Smith (vocals, guitar) and Brandon Iqbal (drums) live in Richmond, Va.


“Sour Patch” on Egghunt Records (2017) 
“Dumb Guys” (2016)

“Fizzy Cola”
Big Baby
[January 10, 2020]
indie rock, jangle pop, power pop
Base: Richmond, Virginia


A1. Cherry Coke
A2. Tough
A3. It’s Funny
B1. Hate U 
B2. String of Pearls (single/out December 18th)

“I wrote it when I was waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work. He went back to working in a restaurant after having 9-to-5s, so I had nights alone for the first time in years. Sometimes I would get bored and do mundane tasks to pass the time. I was untangling the strands of my string of pearls plant when the chorus just

… “It’s Funny”

Out January 10th on tape (run of 70 semi-translucent green tapes) & digital

Hidden Bay Records (HB032)
CD version available through Jigsaw Records




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