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Dead Rituals
“Forget Me”
out on July 2nd 2021 

Undeterred by canceled plans and social restrictions, Dead Rituals tried to make the most out of the situation by staying creative. The band’s brand new single “Forget Me” portrays a darker mood in line with the times, exploring the idea of living with loneliness without being swallowed by it. Dead Rituals recorded the song using experimental guitar looping, layered drums, and breathy vocals, channeling the band’s post-punk background into something more personal.

“Forget Me”
Dead Rituals
[July 2, 2021]
dream pop, experimental, new wave, nugaze, post-punk
Napoli, Italy

Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Glockenspiel, Keys, Programming: Andrea Caccese
Additional guitars: Guido Minervini
Additional vocals: Brita Penfold
Written by Andrea Caccese / Brita Penfold


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