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release “Glances”
out on th 2022

Kodaclips is a shoegaze/alternative band founded in the second half of 2021. Each member has a different artistic background, ranging from psychedelia to stoner and progressive, these sounds melt together with 90’s vibes and wistful colors.

Heavily influenced by the second wave of shoegaze, especially by the italogaze scene, Kodaclips like to experiment with their melodic and arrangement ideas.

They make their stage debut towards the end of 2021 and, after a few live shows on the territory, they play as opening act for of A Place to Bury Strangers’ Italian shows.

After some other shows in venues and festival in Emilia Romagna, they publish “Glances”, their debut album with Overdub Recordings, released and presented on September 24 at Vidia Club in Cesena.


Alessandro Mazzoni – Voce e chitarra 
Lorenzo Ricci – Chitarra
Sonny Sbrighi – Basso
Francesco Casadei Lelli – Batteria

“Glances” is Kodaclips first album.

The band decided to pay a tribute to one of their main influences: the lp title is in fact a citation of the lyrics from “Don, Aman”, the 3rd track of the masterpiece “Spiderland” by Slint.

Being fully self-produced and self-recorded, this first album has a strong intimate feeling to it.

Eight tracks about depression, apathy, ominous signs, and dreamy atmospheres.

The sound ranges from shoegaze and post-punk to space rock with elements from math and post, all with a rough sound that reminds of 90’s music.

The lyrics are cryptic thanks to the use of the cut-up technique and the vocals are almost drowned in reverb. 
Guitars create walls of distortion and ethereal atmospheres, joining the energy that emanates from the rhythm session.


[September 23, 2022]
shoegaze, alternative

Label / Booking / Press: 

Overdub Recordings


Produced by Kodaclips

Recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Ricci

Mastered by Duna Studio

All songs by Kodaclips

All lyrics by Kodaclips

A&R: Marcello Venditti

Artwork and Layout: Giuseppe Oliveri

2022 Overdub Recordings

© 2022 Kodaclips

… “Muffing”



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