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Fernandez (FRDZ) is consolidated in the beginnings of the year 2016 like a music project with different musical influences as math rock, post rock and progressive. Highlighting for its interpretative force on the stage and their live performances, the project has achieved to have presentations in several forums and festivals around México such as “Surreal fest II” in the city of Zacatecas, “Foro Alternativo” in the city of Salamanca,” NOISE” Art Gallery in the city of Aguascalientes, “El cuartel del arte” within the program of the National Fair of San Marcos 2016, as well as diverse forums Inside the city of Aguascalientes. The project won the first place in the city contest “Guerra de bandas” celebrated in the The emporium Rock bar one of the most important stages in the city where the project was cataloged as band revelation of the state. Fernández premiered his first album “Fernández Ep” on March 20th 2017 Which is being distributed worldwide digitally by the distributor -Industrias Wio-. Belonging to the World of Math of Fecking Bahamas among more than 1000 projects worldwide.
Choosen by spotify mexico to appear in one of the most iconic playlist “DistritoIndie” at national level (Mexico).


[January 11, 2018]
by FRDZ-Fernandez

from “Fernández Ep”

progessive, alternative rock, math rock, post-mathrock, post-rock

Aguascalientes, Mexico

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Habanero CREDITS:

Producción: RedO Films
Dirección: Nestor Alonso
Cinematografía: Juan Carlos Carreón
Guión: Juan Carlos & Nestor Alonso
Bailarina folclórica: Mtra. Paola Carolina López Flores
Coreografía: Mtra. Paola Carolina López Flores
Locaciones: RedO Films
——POST PRODUCCIÓN Edición: Juan Carlos Carreón
Diseño de sonido: RedO Films
FRDZ/Fernández es:
Juan Carlos Carreón– Guitarra Nestor Alonso– Guitarra Said Solís– Batería Ubaldo Montoya– Bajo



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